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VPSLink Customer Testimonials

We like to poll our customers from time to time with questions about how they are using their service and what they think of VPSLink - here are some comments from subscribers who are currently hosting with us:

Link-3 VPS

The Link-3 plan level includes access to all of VPSLink's Linux operating system templates - including LAMP and Ruby on Rails templates.

My primary reason for moving to VPSLink was a dedicated VPS where I could have control and do anything. I run my personal blog (, a technology blog (, LXDE desktop project's website and wiki ( and the KDE India community website ( on this VPS. I also use shell access to monitor IRC channels I frequent.

A year ago I was looking for a cheap and good VPS provider. After reading several reviews, I zeroed in on VPSLink and purchased a Link-2 while their February promotion was going on, and later moved to a Link-3 with a 30% discount. I must agree, I don't regret my decision after being here for a year. What sets VPSLink apart is the VPS prices, support, and customer service they offer. There are always people interacting with customers on their forums.

- Anurag of

I'm still getting settled in, but I have to give kudos to VPSlink.

Until last month I worked in dedicated hosting, and got my VPS to replace the dedicated server that had been an employee benefit at my old job. Not only was I able to get the OS of my choice (Gentoo), I had more control over my DNS and better monitoring tools that I had with a server that would have gone on the street for four times what I'm paying.

Bravo, VPSlink.

- Lee Davis at the VPSLink Forums

Link-4 VPS

This is the entry-level plan for web hosting resellers who are interested in WHM / cPanel licensing or DirectAdmin.

As a part-time website designer and programmer, I was annoyed at having to continuously refer my clients to other webhosts. Sure, they would give a small kickback, but I always felt like I was missing out on some potential income. The volume I do did not warrant a dedicated server, and other VPS's seemed to come with too many features just to hike up the cost. VPSLink is the perfect solution.

Maintaining a server is simple to do for a Linux user and programmer like myself, and VPSLink has allowed me to do so at an affordable rate. How many other webhosts pull a profit their first day in business?

- Brian Krausz of

I just wanted to let folks over there know that I've been a customer for eight months now and the virtual server itself and the VPSLink customer service have exceeded my expectations! I am completely satisfied and love the no-nonsense nature of the service. Keep up the excellent work!

- Robert writing in to our support department

I host with LLMP (Lighttpd+Mysql+PHP+Python). There are two big sites (that have both been slashdotted, my server survived that several times) and a bunch of small sites. I also run several Django instances for my projects. The main purpose of my server is hosting the Hack&Dev OpenSource community data and there is also a Jabber server, git and subversion repositories. It was very easy for me to configure everything thanks to the Gentoo VPS template.

VPSLink is one of the best VPS hosting providers I've ever used. They are keeping prices low and the quality high. I've been a VPSLink customer for several years now and I'm not even thinking of moving. The best thing now is that you can choose from ultra-fast OpenVZ VPS and highly-isolated XEN VPS (personally I prefer XEN, because it performs like a dedicated server). I was lucky enough to never trip on a downtime (yup, they do have downtime occasionally, but who doesn't?), but if I did, the support guys are quick to respond and solve problems. Thanks, VPSLink!

- Vladimir of

Link-5 VPS

Host many small sites or several busy sites and run a full range of daemons on the Link-5 - see our VPS Hosting Plan Comparison for plan information.

VPSLink offers very cheap plans with fast support. Although this is an unmanaged service it is fairly easy to get help if you ever get stuck at any installation and the forum community is very geeky (and you always have Google to find the answers). More importantly, you aren't paying extra for managed services which are rarely necessary.

- Juan Pablo Ortiz Arechiga of

Link-6 VPS

The Link-6 plan level boasts an industry-leading price for high performance and reliability - use it to host your high-traffic sites and applications.

I use a Link 6 to host a development test bed for Facebook, Joomla, and Pligg custom PHP work and various personal projects. During the last 8 to 9 months or so I have upgraded 4 times. I am coming to the point where I may need to upgrade again or deploy a second VPS.

VPSLink has been (by far) the best host I have ever had the fortune of being a customer of! Their customized systems have led to excellent installation and customization (upgrades are almost instantaneous and support requests are looked at quickly and indepth). My sites have never run so well before!

- Adam of

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